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Result Hospital Physician Group

“I consider HPC the experts in the realm of Hospital Based Physician Groups and related issues...Without hesitation I recommend HPC for such engagements.”

—William (Bill) Webster, CEO
Medical Center Hospital
Odessa, TX



Dr. Hellstern's article Popping Up Like Weeds was the #3 Article of 2015 on ACEP Now. Ron is on the EDBA faculty.
Documentation, Coding & Performance Metrics

The foundation of every successful hospital/hospital-based practice relationship is the confidence and credibility each party has in the other. Unless addressed objectively, your concerns about the practice’s performance or their questions about Hospital provided practice support services, can quickly compromise the clinical service.

Successful business practices attract successful physicians. Therefore, you want both the Practice’s performance and the support services you’re providing to be as efficient and effective as possible. Hospital Practice Consultants (HPC) can benchmark your practice and/or your support services against other situations with similar patient acuity and payer mix. In doing so, we can provide an objective analysis of the service in question.

If deficiencies exist, HPC will identify opportunities for improvement and develop a plan to secure them. If the performance compares favorably, the impartial analysis can serve as the basis for rebuilding the needed trust and confidence.


cedarRapids.jpg“Having an outside physician knowledgeable in both practice management and billing issues come in from the outside turned the tide in our relationship with Dr. Cowden and his group. We want to meet their needs.”

—Mr. Tim Charles, CEO, Mercy Hospital

“We appreciated the perspective Ron was able to share with us and considered his benchmarking data credible. We’re ready to start off on a new foot and make this relationship work to everyone’s benefit.”

—J. David Cowden, MD, President, RCCM
Cedar Rapids Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine

The Opportunity

Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine (RCCM) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa felt the practice management and billing services being provided by the hospital were substandard and too costly. In spite of every effort to do so the hospital practice management entity just couldn’t regain the doctors’ trust to be able to resolve their differences.

The Action

Mercy Hospital administration brought in Dr. Hellstern to audit the practice’s management, service documentation and billing processes and benchmark these against similar practices in comparable locales. Provider issues and expectations were given special attention. Dr. Hellstern’s final report laid to rest a variety of misconceptions and demonstrated that in fact the practice’ management and its billing and collection results significantly exceeded most standards and did so at a lesser cost.

The Value

Having more information and benchmarking data from an outside, objective source enabled the practice to regain its trust in its practice support partner and commit to a more open and cooperative relationship going forward.