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Dr. Hellstern's article Popping Up Like Weeds was the #3 Article of 2015 on ACEP Now. Ron is on the EDBA faculty.
Time Management

Nothing is more critical to effective physician leadership than good time management skills. Practicing medicine is all-consuming for most physicians and there is no end to the demands for attention to detail and around the clock availability. To reliably deliver targeted leadership results the physician must have a time management system that supports his regularly stepping away from the demands of clinical practice and efficiently resuming his leadership and management duties. Spending inordinate amounts of time “getting back up to speed” is not an option.

We teach a comprehensive relationship, communication, and project management skill set that incorporates a proven physician time management approach. The centerpiece of the system is project management. Projects are the basic unit of accomplishment in consensus-driven organizations like medical groups or clinical departments. The medical group leader manages the project team leaders who in turn manage the tasks and milestones within each project.

Communication practices include:
  • Promises
  • Requests
  • "By whens"
  • Secondary support commitments
  • Leaders know project status, pending tasks, responsible people, and the schedule
  • Avoids ambiguity about what was requested, of whom, and by when it was expected to be delivered
  • Facilitates group disciplinary action when necessary
  • Establishes certainty about exactly what was said and by whom
These leadership skills set will make every medical leader more efficient and more effective. We can help make your medical leaders more effective by teaching them the basic skills of accomplishment, including time management.